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Fish fans, you're welcome! Ryba Moya Market – the long-awaited project – is opened next door to I Like Grill, and it occupies a part of the meat restaurant. So from now on, there are not only Striploin, T-Bone and Porterhouse: the locals finally had the opportunity to taste Sri Lankan tuna and Argentine red shrimp right here. No more "internecine wars" and disagreements between fish- and meat-lovers, because there is nothing to share – from each of them according to their gastronomic preferences and to each according to their needs! 

The main fascinating maneuver is three fish restaurants in one. At the new address, you can find the main hits that have made the name of all fish projects of Perelman People holding. An Asian glaze whole sea bream from Ryba Moya Street Food that turned up the idea of deep-frying, a tuna supertartare with avocado from Ryba Moya Market, which is enough for two eaters, or a giant 390-gram supersteak of Faroe Island salmon with new potatoes and Tzatziki sauce for 990 rubles, which for two years is one of the favorite meals in Ryba Moya – in the new Ryba Moya Market in I Like Grill you can easily taste all the culinary hits in one sitting down. Well, where else is that possible?

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