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Free-range fish

Free-range fish from Perelman’s own sea fishery in Morocco / Delivered by air twice a week.


Monkfish is almost boneless and boasts dense white flesh with mouthwatering slightly salty taste. This creature is a spot-on delicacy and often compared to a lobster. Cooking method: grilled steak


A close relative of a flounder fish, sole looks resembles its relative. But do not judge the book by its cover. Once a prerogative of rich and famous, sole stays on top of the sea delicacies list due to its tender taste, moderate fat and very few bones. Its literary melts in your mouth. Sole is extremely rich in irreplaceable fatty acids, bioavailable proteins, vitamins A, B, E and D, as well as minerals like iron, copper, iodine and magnesium. Cooking method:grilled or pan fried


Seabream also known as pink dorado inhabits southern waters of Mediterranean sea. It has a cute nickname – chevre or a goat since it consumes all greens covering sea bed. Boneless, with tender, rich and juicy flesh, seabream is a sure hit for an experienced seafood aficionado. Cooking method: crudo, ceviche, grill

Sea bass

Sea bass is a true premium class fish loved for very little bones and tender flesh with delicate taste. Unfortunately, most of the sea bass offered on the market is farm raised, which means wrong diet and tons of antibiotics – all this, no doubt, effects taste and quality. That’s why we are especially proud to present free-range sea bass in our restaurant. Cooking method: carpaccio, tartare, grill

St Pierre

St Pierre or San-Pietro also known as John Dory fish – one of the rear and valuable species highly treasured by chefs all around the world and loved by gourmets. The fish has a recognizable yet delicate tender taste, it is quite lean however high in calories; it is juicy and almost boneless. Cooking method: pan fried fillet


A member of perch family is famous for its high protein levels, balanced amino acid profile and micronutrients (calcium and molybdenum among others), as well as for being an example of low calorie food. Rockfish has white slightly sweet flesh and is an ideal choice for those looking after their health and weight. Cooking method: with pasta, grill


Another representative of flounder family is also known as sea pheasant or a giant rhombus. Mediterranean Turbot is the most valuable one – its flesh has a faint aroma of freshly cut cucumber; it is rich and very tender. This creature is rightfully one of the most gastronomic things that sea and oceans have to offer. Cooking method: grill, baked with white wine and Provence herbs

Red mullet

Red mullet has been inspiring writers and philosophers. Seneka, Plinius, Cicero and Horatio are among few who used to admire its ability to change colors. Tender and delicate, red mullet is rich in bioavailable proteins, magnesium, phosphorus and B group vitamins. It is acknowledged as a great snack to restore you energy fast. Cooking method: grill

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