Рыба моя | Завтраки
Оладьи с красной икрой и сметаной 670 ₽ Pancakes with red caviar and sour cream 670 ₽
Оладьи с лососем<br>и сметаной 590 ₽ Pancakes with salmon
and sour cream 590 ₽
Яйцо пашот с вёшенками и шпинатом 360 ₽ Poached egg with oyster mushrooms and spinach 360 ₽

Breakfasts at Ryba Moya restaurants


If you have just escaped from the embrace of Morpheus, we are ready to wake you up with delicious breakfasts! You have only to make your choice:

If you are looking for something nutritious and yummy, take a closer look to oatmeal with crispy granola and strawberries (320 rubles)

If you are passionate on eggs, try "tenderness itself" —  scramble from farm eggs with Kamchatka crab with green salad (860 rubles) or choose your own way of cooking - 3 eggs can be served as omelet, scramble or fried (250 rubles).

If you want your life to become sweet early in the morning, syrniki with fresh strawberry (540 rubles) are at your service!

Breakfast in " RYBA MOYA" is served on weekends from 12:00 to 16:00.

King size crab cake