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three new drinks from
Stas Kireev every two weeks
Music evenings everyday from Wednesday
till Saturday on Tverskaya
Breakfast on weekdays
from 10 a.m to 12 p.m
on weekends from 12 p.m to 4 a.m
Kind oysters 260 ₽ / 1 piece

Glorious Trinity

Stas Kireev, the main inventor and maestro of mixing and stirring up in “Ryba Moya”, has no time for rest - he has a desire to create! Therefore, in the appendage to the main cocktail menu, a tab with three drinks by the chef bartender, which will be updated every two weeks has appeared in “Ryba Moya”. All three follow a single storyline, which nevertheles is tackled from different perspectives. So, speaking of the first number, for example, - Clear Spritz, Sunny Americano and T in the Park are all light aperitifs designed to help accepting the fact that the very half of the summer is over. And each one has its own card in the sleeve: Clear Spritz takes Sauvignon Blanc, Bitter Bianco, Rosio di Bergamo and the nominal Prosecco Pearlman; Sunny Americano - Vermouth Berto Bianco, French Bitter Suze and Prosecco Pearlman; and T in the Park - Vermouth Punt e-mees, Martini bitter and belgian ale Grimbergen Blond. What will happen in two weeks, only Stas Kireev knows, but the fact that this trio will mark right in the heart again is incontrovertible.

Music evenings everyday

from Monday till Saturday in “Ryba Moya” on Tverskaya

“Pearls” by Vladimir Perelman

I Like Wine on Pokrovka
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