Рыба моя | Завтраки
Завтраки по будням с 8:00 до 12:00<br>
по выходным с 12:00 до 16:00 Breakfast on weekdays from 8 AM to 12 PM
on weekends from 12 PM to 16 PM

Breakfasts at Ryba Moya restaurants

On weekdays from 8 AM to 12 PM
On weekends from 12 PM to 16 PM

Wild salmon pastrami with avocado, tomatoes and pickled celery on crispy italian toast 760 ₽
Eggs with tomatoes, Scorum cheese and Mortadella sausage 320 ₽
Curd brioche with raisins and whipped sour cream with mascarpone 420₽
Crab cake KING SIZE on cereal bread 720 ₽
Cottage cheese pancakes with raisins and sour cream mousse 360 ₽
Poached egg with spinach, pounded avocado, salted own salmon 590 ₽
Quinoa with kenyan beans, spinach, shrimp, poached egg 390 ₽
Three egg omelette with scamorza cheese and stewed tomatoes 290 ₽
semolina with berries 290 ₽
Homemade Greek yogurt with dried persimmons, dates, figs, flower honey and granola 320 ₽
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